Zagg Universal Wireless Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard and Stand in Black



Zagg Keyboard Keyboard Black

  • Easy to read switch allows users to instantly change between operating systems
  • Compatible with most tablets or phones on Apple, Android and Windows
  • Ergonomic design and island-style keys
  • Protective case doubles as a stand
  • Compatible with Android and Bluetooth and iOS and Micro USB and Windows

ZAGG Universal Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard is the most versatile keyboard available, the attachable keyboards provide the most natural and convenient way to work and play harder, simply integrating your device into your life.

Zagg is the number 1 brand in universal tablet keyboards*. Its innovative programming, together with its case that doubles as a stand, allow it to work with virtually any tablet or phone on any operating system. The ZAGG Universal wireless Bluetooth® keyboard pairs with virtually any tablet or phone on most operating systems. Whether users prefer Apple®, Android™, or Windows® the Universal’s ergonomic curved shape with island-style keys provide enough room to keep fingers comfortable.

*The NPD/Group Retail Tracking Service, Tablet Accessories, Jan – May 2014, dollars and units sold.