Zagg Slim Book Case with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Air in Black



Zagg Slim Keyfolio Keyfolio Black

  • Multi-Angled: 135° of viewing angles
  • Bright backlit keys make typing in low-light situations stylish and easy
  • Charge your Slim Book and use it everywhere for up to two years between charges
  • A unique magnetic hinge converts your Slim Book into convenient Keyboard, Video, Case, and Book modes
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and Micro USB

The ZAGG Slim Book wireless Bluetooth keyboard is the ultra thin solution to your mobile typing needs. Its unique hinge secures your tablet at virtually any viewing angle and allows for a convenient video and book mode, or folds flat for a protective case mode. The Slim Book is powered by one of the industry’s most powerful batteries that keeps it going for up to two years between charges*.

*Regular use of one hour per day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and may require more frequent charging.