v-JAYS Headphones in Black

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JAYS Headphones for 3.5mm Jack

  • Award winning, lightweight, compact with superior bass
  • These portable, high performance headphones offer quality sound at mid -end price
  • The robust and foldable v-JAYS weigh in at tiny 59 grams (2.08 oz)
  • Compatible with 3.5mm Jack

Lightweight, portable and extremely powerful
Don’t be deceived by the sleek, lightweight and portable design of v-JAYS. Because, while tweaking the speakers for the v-JAYS we realized we were about to unleash a monster. These are the hardest hitting pair of headphones you’ll have ever heard.

Light as Air
The robust and collapsible v-JAYS weigh in at a mere 59 grams (2.08 oz) making them one of the lightest headphones in their class. The result is portable, high-performance sound at a mid price point.

Pure Music; Pure Fun.
The v-JAYS are designed for maximum music enjoyment. The speakers deliver a superior bass impact without overwhelming the other frequencies, meaning all the small details you often miss with other headphones remain intact. It’s time to remind yourself what it is you love about your favourite bands; whether you’re into heavy rock, RnB or singer-songwriter music - you’ll be moving to the beat in no time!

Collapsible and Ergonomic
The v-JAYS contain two folding joints which enables them to easily fit into your pocket whilst out and about. Additionally we also mounted each speaker unit on ball joints, allowing a tilt of up to 40 degrees, guaranteeing in-ear comfort when on the go.