Scrabble Game Novelty Cookie Cutters - Gift

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Create your own personalized cookie messages with this great set of Scrabble Cookie Cutters. A set of 26 cookie cutter moulds in the style of everyone's favourite word game, you can make individual letter cookies or use them to decorate larger bakes with customized scrabble tiled messages. The set features all 26 letters of the alphabet, with each tile also containing the points value from the classic original Scrabble game for a fun, cute twist on your snacks and treats.

Each cookie cutter tile is 30mm x 30mm (approx 1.2in x 1.2in), so whether you're adding the final touches to a larger cake or making individual bite size cookies, these Scrabble Cookie Cutters are just the thing to gain you maximum points with a triple word bonus! Scrabble is the classic word game where players compete to make the best scoring words from their given sets of letter tiles. Letters are given values depending on their general frequency in common words, so for example A is worth 1 point, and Z is worth 10. These values feature on each letter tile, making Scrabble tiles distinctive and easily recognizable in millions of homes. The Scrabble Cookie Cutters set is a great gift for any fun loving baker, and even comes with a tasty recipe included to get you going. The cookie cutter tiles are not suitable for dishwasher use. Hand wash only.