Tech21 iPhone 6/6S Tempered Glass Impact Shield Screen Protector



Tech 21 Impactology are at the forefront of protection technology innovation. That's why the Impact Shield is arguably one of the most advanced screen protectors available by combining a multi-layered protection system with self-healing scratch resistance and easy bubble-free application.  

Multi-layered protection system

The Impact Shield is constructed of three layers to absorb some of the hardest shocks. The first layer is a hard top layer that helps to spread the impact force, the second layer is made from the same material that helps bullet proof glass. 

Self-healing and anti-scratch protected

Tech 21 screen protectors have self-healing and anti-scratch properties, which will prevent your device from loose keys and coins. This gives complete peace of mind when you place your phone in your bag and your packet. 

Easy application 

Application is easy with the Impact Shield. The screen protector is a OneTouch process and goes on bubble-free in seconds. 

Perfect optical clarity 

Once the screen protector goes on you wont even know it's there. This means you will have perfect optical clarity.