Sudio TVA Earbud Earphones in Brown and Gold



Sudio Earphones for 3.5mm Jack

  • Custom TVÅ Mic - Experience crystal clear voice quality with our custom mic
  • Remote - Use remote for controlling your smartphone or tablet
  • Flat Cord - Avoid tangle, the flat anti-tangle cord is made out of a stiff and robust material
  • L-Shaped Plug - The L-shaped plug is designed to fit perfectly in your pocket
  • Compatible with 3.5mm Jack

Sudio TVÅ earphones are designed for all types of smartphones and tablets, featuring a remote and mic. The extremely lightweight construction makes the Sudio TVÅ earphones easy and comfortable to wear. However, despite the lightweight construction, the earphones drive a powerful 14.2 mm dynamic driver which is perfectly tuned for music lovers.

TVÅ is Swedish for number “2” which represents the synergistic combination of its bass and treble. The earphones allow air to enter the ear channel for those who prefer the spatial experience.
The TVÅ sound signature is well balanced with a distinct base without being overrepresented. Due to its well-balanced frequency response, the TVÅ is very comfortable for your ears, even after several hours of listening.

Design Philosophy
Sudio is transforming earphones from being an electronics product to an everyday wearable accessory with studio quality sound. The Sudio sound piece is an elegant timeless companion, regardless if you are listening to music on a sunny day or on the way to a black tie event. The designer, Mats Wallsten, has embodied cutting edge engineering techniques and elegant minimalistic designs in Sudio’s portfolio.

Quality Assurance
Each Sudio product comes with a Quality Assurance card which contains a unique serial number, providing a 1 year warranty. Therefore, each card can be tracked to a series of quality assurance tests. The high quality is a symbol of the fine reputation of the Trademark.

Making earphones is still an art of craftsmanship. While machines have come a long way, the human eye cannot be fooled and Sudio has chosen to stay with the handmade details for the most part of the production process

Environmental tests
Each product is subjected to a series of extreme tests to ensure they can withstand day-to-day use. In the testing facility tests are being made in temperatures of -20°C. Results are saved and linked to the unique serial number on the Quality Assurance card.

Sound specifications
Frequency range (Hz): 20-20k
Sensitivity: 112dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
Driver size (mm): 14.2
Sound Impression: Heavy bass
Housing: Composite, ABS
Finish: Matte
Model: Hybrid
Weight: 20 grams

Included in the pack
TVÅ earphones
1 Year Warranty Quality Assurance Card and Owner’s Manual
Genuine Leather Case - TVÅ comes with a leather case for storage and protection.
Metal Clip - The functional metal clip secures the cable and reduces cable noise.