Splash Pure Screen Cleaner - Blue



Splash Pure is a unique, all-in-one screen cleaner, that’s here to change how you think about tech hygiene. Rather than having a separate cloth and bottle, the microfibre cloth is wrapped around and attached to all four sides of the spray, putting an end to the days of losing the cloth or bottle.

It’s so easy to use; just spray using the pump at the top of the bottle, and use any side you like to wipe your screen clean. Your devices are covered in harmful germs and bacteria, and the solution in the spray is designed to get rid of them and leave your screen sparkling clean and germ-free. Don’t worry though, there are no harmful chemicals included, like alcohol or ammonia, meaning it is very safe to use and eco-friendly.
If you want to clean the cloth after a few uses, simply run it under warm water, but you can’t peel or remove the cloth from the bottle. There’s 20ml of antibacterial fluid that provides you with up to 220 sprays, meaning there’s no excuse to be using it multiple times a day to keep your screen clean.
Why should you use a screen cleaner?
All of the above sounds great, but if you’re sitting there wondering why you should ever use a screen cleaner, let us provide you with a few facts. Be prepared to be grossed out!
  • 1 in 6 phones have faecal matter on them
  • Yes, you did read that right
  • Your device screen has 25,000 germs per square inch
  • Sound bad? This is 10x more than is found on a toilet seat or pet food bowl
  • The bacteria on your screens have been proven to cause E.Coli, Influenza & MRSA