Pong Sleek Case for Apple iPhone 6/6s in Black

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Pong Case for iPhone 6/6s

  • Built-in Antenna Technology instantly pairs with your iPhone 6 when you snap it on
  • Transmits a stronger outbound signal from your iPhone with an increase of up to 64%
  • Protection from 4’ drops and certified to U.S. military specifications
  • Reduces exposure to wireless energy – 89% below the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limit
  • Apple iPhone 6/6s

The Intelligent Case, with built-in antenna technology works to provide:-

• Stronger Signal
• Increased Range
• Protection

Pong cases are custom-designed to be both intelligent and stylish. They work with the most popular smartphones, but do more than just protect your mobile!

The launch of the iPhone 6 has seen a new range of Pong cases specifically designed to fit all the new features whilst providing the latest and innovative Antenna Technology that allows your device to interact optimally with both wireless networks and users.

Stronger Signal
Pong’s patented antenna technology works to optimise outbound signal strength, while also redirecting wireless energy away from users.

Increased Range
The optimised signal enables your phone to work more efficiently, which can result in a longer battery life as well as an increased range by allowing connections from the cell tower from further distances.

Pong cases are embedded with a micro-thin gold-plated antenna that redistributes radio frequency signal, pulling it away from the body and towards the back of the device. The Pong antenna will pair automatically with your smartphone when you snap it on.

This redirection reduces exposure to mobile radiation by up to five times below the FCC Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR) limit without compromising your device’s ability to communicate.

Pong technology has been proven by FCC, the same labs that work to regulate and certify devices for the US (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (CA) and Australian (ACA) governments.