Official Samsung EO-MG920BBEG Bluetooth Headset - Black



Sophisticated ergonomic design

Underline your individuality with Bluetooth-headset EO-MG920. Shiny textured surface headset gives it elegance and lightweight and compact case provides comfort and convenience even after prolonged use.

Feeling of comfort

Wireless Headset EO-MG920 comes with small and medium-size ear pads which not only reduce the level of outside noise to almost zero, but also provide extremely comfortable feeling in the ear. For reliable fixation headset, use a special transparent bow.

High quality voice communication

Ergonomically designed headset EO-MG920 is equipped with noise reduction technology and echo canceller, which substantially improved the quality of voice transmission. The optimal location of the microphone provides an exceptionally clear reproduction of speech during a call.

Extensive running time

Bluetooth-headset EO-MG920 is designed for 300 hours of standby and 7 hours of continuous talk time, so you can stay connected wherever you are.

  • Ergonomically designed housing headsets
  • Stylish design and long battery life
  • Built-in microphone with noise reduction and echo canceller
  • Earmolds hybrid and BTE headband for a comfortable fit