Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 Signal Boosters for Ireland Vodafone in Black

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Nextivity Signal Boosters Signal Booster Black

  • Advanced technology uses built-in algorithms to boost network coverage
  • Reduces dropped calls and improves voice clarity
  • No internet broadband required
  • Creates approximately 20 metres radius coverage

Cel-Fi RS2 is a simple mobile phone signal booster that takes one bar of 3G signal and strengthens it by up to four times its original state. Perfect for the home or office, this compact technology allows you to boost your 3G coverage inside, allowing support for up to 20 devices simultaneously.

Install in minutes
Installing this indoor mobile phone signal booster requires no technical knowhow, there are no complex manuals to read - it's as simple as plug-in and play.

Two units communicate wirelessly
Cel-Fi RS2 consists of two units: the Window Unit (WU) and the Coverage Unit (CU). The WU sits near a window or in an area of the building that has the strongest signal from your network provider. The CU is then placed in the centre of the home or where the signal is used most.

Faster downloads
Get more from your smartphone with faster downloads, smoother streaming, extended battery life and improved voice coverage.

Extend your battery life
When your phone isn’t using battery to search for signal, it can save battery life for the fun stuff like downloading, making calls and taking pictures and videos.

Vodafone Specific
Unlike other signal boosters on the market, Cel-Fi works to boost your Vodafone network coverage without interfering with the network’s overall performance.

Cel-Fi systems are powered by IntelliBoost, two custom-designed core processors that specifically work to optimise indoor reception for both 3G and 4G in real-time. It provides intelligence to the Cel-Fi system and automatically adjusts itself to ensure you are always getting the best coverage.

Additional info
Please note: Whilst Cel-Fi is allowed by Ofcom, Cel-Fi devices are ultimately under the control of Vodafone. Software features allow the network to monitor Cel-Fi systems. Vodafone are able to disable Cel-Fi devices in a particular area, without any user input.

Cel-Fi RS2 supports 3G signal only.