Lifeproof Fre iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Case - Black

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Lifeproof Fre Case for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus is a highly advanced and quality mobile shelter that will protect your telephone through thick and thin. The cover is water safe and protects against dirt/dust and shocks and domestic injury. In addition to this protection will help you to keep your phone safe from the cold and snow.

The cover has a sleek and stylish design and, of course, is very sustainable. Each feature and the button is available when the shell is on, so you never have to take off the cover.

Waterproof down to two meterMed an ingress protection rating of IP68, you can be confident when your mobile keep up with your pace on all kinds of adventures. Bring your phone to the beach without being afraid to sand penetrates and destroys it, and bring the phone into the water and shoot under water

The shell is tight down to two meters deep, which allows you to include it in the snorkeling trip with no problems.

Each LifeProof Fri-protection is vattentestat by Lifeproof, this for you to be sure that your skin can cope with all the challenges facing you and your phone can be exposed to. Only the shell that pass the test are forwarded for sale.