LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY AFD-1200 for LG G5

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LG G5 Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play  Sound Audio Expansion Module - Black (AFD-1200.AEUBK) 

Be Inspired
The music becomes an inspiration for almost everyone especially when it receives portability along with the quality built-in. With the thirst for high-end audio; Bang & Olufsen has taken the lead in packing in amplifier unit into a sleek, mini device dedicated work with LG G5.

Versatile & Capable
The LG G5 Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play Sound Audio Expansion Module does not add any bulk to LG G5, it just adds a few millimeters in length and appears as a regular base as well. It is featured with a dedicated headphone jack, its own speaker and the USB-C charging port. The versatility achieves the next level as the LG G5 Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play Audio Expansion Module can also be used as a standalone DAC and headphone amp with other phones and devices with the technology such as USB-C port built into the cap, which sits on top of the Hi-Fi Plus module when not connected to the G5.

Main Features:

  • Hi-Fi Plus module is a 32-bit DAC 
  • Headphone amp developed in partnership with B&O 
  • ES9028C2M + Sabre9602 chipset
  • Bypasses G5’s built-in 24-bit DAC
  • LG G5 Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play Audio Sound Expansion Module - Black
  • Colour: Black (AFD-1200.AEUBK) 

Hi-fi, Hi-Tech - LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY for LG G5 black
The Hi-Fi Plus easily and perfectly clicks into the base of the LG G5. The dexterity within clipping on and off LG Hi-Fi Plus is truly effective and it genuinely achieves the portability and usage. Once the accessory is connected securely, your LG G5 becomes a live DJ; users can plug-in the headphones into the headphone jack, play some music and the Hi-Fi Plus will provide the hi-tech amplifying platform.

From The Music Experts
The LG Hi-Fi Plus DAC is a 32-bit serves as a dedicated amplifier developed by Denmark's Bang & Olufsen; the musicology experts. The Hi-Fi Plus supports native direct digital streaming for high-resolution audio files and will up-sample lower-bit-rate audio from all source. It is designed to generate 32-bit output audio right through that new headphone jack. Users will be required to grab a high-end headphone with quality drivers to really notice the difference, and it'll be better with an already-high-resolution audio source versus an upsampled one.

What's in the Package:

  • LG G5 Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play Sound Audio Expansion Module - Black (AFD-1200.AEUBK) 
Compatible With:
  • LG G5