iFrogz Little Rockers Kids Ice Tiara Headphones in Blue

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iFrogz Little Rockers Costume Headphones Mixed

  • Limit sound to a safe 85 decibels to protect hearing
  • Adjustable headphones to fit perfectly on your head
  • 30mm driver to deliver crisp, clear sounds compatible with all audio and video players with headphones jack output
  • 1 year limited warranty

If your little ones love music and dressing up, the fun iFrogz Little Rockers Costume headphones are simply perfect. The Ice Tiara is a must have for all little princesses! With a blue sparkly headband in a tiara shape and furry lined blue ear pad cushions for ultimate comfort, your little girl will truly look and feel like a princess.

Kids can watch movies or dance around to their favourite tunes at a safe volume. To protect their hearing iFrogz Little Rockers Costume headphones come with a built-in volume limiter to keep sound to a safe 85 decibels. The 30mm driver ensures crystal clear sound so youngsters can enjoy their games, music, and movies while they play.

Kids can choose from a range of headphone designs to suit every personality, from a lion, monster, kitten, bow, ladybug or cars!