Griffin Retractable USB Charge Cable with Lightning Connector



Griffin Cable for Apple Lightning

  • Compact design with retractable USB to Lightning cable
  • Anti-tangle cable
  • 2.25ft (68cm) cable with self-locking and self-unlocking ratchet mechanism
  • Supports iOS devices with Apple Lightning Connector
  • Compatible with Apple Lightning

Griffin’s Retractable USB Charge Cable is the perfect portable charging solution for Apple devices. Measuring less than 2x4 inches wide and half an inch thick, this compact design fits easily into bags or even your pocket.

The spring loaded, retractable cable provides 2.25ft (68cm) of tangle-resistant length with built-in USB to Lightning connection. Designed specifically for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, this cable supports connection of your device to your computer, or any USB driven wall or in-car charging ports.

The internal ratchet mechanism locks the cable at the suitable length you need; a quick tug on it to release the ratchet, and it retracts back to its compact state.