Griffin Multidock Charger for 10 Smartphones/Tablets iOS & Android in Silver/Orange

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Griffin Multidock Charger Mixed

  • Space-efficient, securable charging and storage for iOS and Android Tablets, Smartphones and more
  • Locking front panel secures tablets while charging
  • Link up to three Multi-Docks (30 charging slots) to a host computer
  • Internal circuit protection, self-resetting

MultiDock is a single, space-efficient charging station for storing, charging, and syncing 10 devices at once. Its footprint is minimal: only slightly larger than a laptop computer.

The MultiDock is the easiest, most convenient, and most space-efficient solution for maintaining a whole fleet of tablets or smartphones. It comes pre-assembled and ready to go to work, providing charging, syncing, and secure storage for your mobile workforce.

MultiDock provides secure storage and charging for up to 10 devices, plus secure storage for a host computer to keep all the stored devices up to date and in sync.

Size: 5" (38.3 cm) Wide x 12.5" (32.0 cm) Deep x 13.0" (32.3 cm) Tall