Genuine Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S8 Pure Clear Case Cover - Clear



Tech21 Pure Clear Case protects your Samsung Galaxy S8 in an extraordinary, completely transparent design. The case protects the device from drops up 2m, and thanks to the special finish, it has enhanced resistance to UV yellowing and scratches.

  • Transparent design - the case won't affect your Samsung's beautiful appearance
  • Ultimate protection - the case shields the device from drops up to 2 meters
  • Convenient design with flexible edges allows you to install it or remove it in seconds
  • Unhindered use - the case has accurate cut-outs and covered side buttons
  • The case is resistant to UV yellowing and scratches
  • tech21 Pure Clear Case is made of impact resistant BulletShield material

Give yourself a piece of mind and protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 with the incredible Pure Clear Case by tech21.

This product is compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S8