Extreme Fliers 720 HD Camera Module for the Micro Drone 2.0+



Extreme Fliers Gadget Gadget

  • Shoots 720 x 1280HD resolution
  • 30 Frames Per Second
  • Aerial shots up to 120m in the air
  • Supports photography, video and sound recording

Shoot amazing footage in full HD with the Extreme Fliers Camera Module for the Micro Drone 2.0+. Capture stunning aerial photographs and videos with the 720HD Camera, making use of the Micro Drone's 2.0+ long range, up to 120m in the air, for amazing aerial shots.

Why 720HD?
While standard VGA is fun to play with, Extreme Fliers are striving for a kind of camera that gives you cinematic quality footage. They have worked hard to deliver such high quality hardware into a module weighing only 15 grams.

Pack includes:
• 1 x Camera Module
• 1 x Micro SD card reader
• 1 x Screwdriver
• 3 x Screws
• 1 x Upgraded 4GB Micro SD card?

Installing the Camera
Insert the Micro SD card into the Camera Module
Attach the Camera Module to the frame with two screws and tab (included)
Open the Drone shell and plug the Camera Module lead directly into he Camera Port. When the power is on, a green LED will flash on the Camera Module.

Changing between Camera and Video mode
• Slide the switch to the left for Video Mode and right for the Camera. Press the function button on the controller to activate.
• In Video mode, the re LED light will continuously flash, indicating it is recording, press the function button again to stop recording.
• In Camera Mode, press the function button once to take a single photo, the red LED will flash once.
• The Lens is mounted on a swivel mechanism; turn this to face the angle you wish to shoot.
• Once you have finished shooting, disconnect the Drone’s battery, remove the SD card and insert into the card reader to download.

Never disconnect the power, switch off the controller or remove the SD card while recording
Using the Camera Module reduces the flight time
Occasionally the footage can become corrupted, if your computer has a problem reading the SD card, format the card and try again