ExoLens Kit for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge in Black



Exolens Exolens Kit Lens Kit Black

  • Precision machined aluminium bracket – slides on easily, 2 ultra-soft inner liners for compatibility between devices
  • Interchangeable photo-enhancing lenses
  • Integrated standard tripod mount (1/4” – 20) for mounting capabilities (tripod not included)
  • Lock button access
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

ExoLens™ transforms your phone into a powerful photography and videography tool. Precision engineered with the highest-quality materials, ExoLens™ features interchangeable lenses that swap in seconds so you can always capture the perfect shot.

ExoLens™ helps you capture professional level photos and videos, delivering clear, crisps visuals thanks to meticulously engineered lenses made from the highest-grade materials. These can be swapped in seconds using the compact and functional machined aluminium bracket lined with ultra-soft protective foam.

Designed as a modular photography platform, an integrated tripod mount (1/4” – 20) at the bottom of the machined aluminium bracket allows instant mounting to tripods, stabilizers, selfie sticks and more. Additionally, the bracket allows for easy access to the lock button as well as the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, meaning additional photo and video accessories like flash equipment and microphones can be mounted.

Perfect for the avid amateur who wants greater composition and superior image quality.


ExoLens 165° Wide-Angle Lens

The 165° Wide-Angle Lens expands your phones frame by up to 35%, capturing more context and allowing images to reflect the way the human eye sees the world. Designed to drastically widen the amount of detail and light you can get into a single image it is ideal for landscape photography, video, low light situations and selfies.

ExoLens Telephoto Lens

Capture distant subjects with full optical zoom or create professional narrow depth of field portraits. The Telephoto x3 Lens allows you to get closer to objects without any pixel loss and also allows the phone to auto-adjust exposure correctly, making subjects appear bright and colourful. For best results use this lens with your device’s camera in Square Photo Mode.

Installing ExoLens™/Changing Lenses:

To install ExoLens™ simply slide on your device from the top, please remove any case before hand. Screw the lenses on clockwise until you feel it is securely in place. Please note: these lenses are not compatible with flash.

Kit includes:
- ExoLens™ bracket
- 2 ultra-soft inner liners for compatibility between the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
- 165° Wide-Angle lens
- Telephoto lens
- Telephoto lens sun hood
- Lens caps
- Microfibre lens bag

- Use the included lens caps to protect lenses when not in use
- To clean lenses use a microfibre cleaning cloth
- Avoid using pinch zoom on your device as this can compromise image quality