ExoLens Case and 2 Lenses for Apple iPhone 6/6s in Black/Silver



Exolens Case for iPhone 6/6s

  • Dual layer protective case
  • Interchangeable photo-enhancing lenses
  • Share photos and videos instantly
  • 1 year warranty
  • Apple iPhone 6/6s

ExoLens™ Case is a sleek and protective case for your iPhone with attachable lenses. Taking design cues from high-end DSLR cameras, this case transforms your iPhone into a photography and videography tool through a unique interchangeable lens system. The ExoLens™ Case allows to you capture creative images like never before while the protective case helps to shield your device from drops and scratches.

The ExoLens™ Case not only transforms your iPhone into a photography and videography tool, but also the case-shielding protects the device from drops and scratches. With the ExoLens™ Case, users can easily twist on a lens and quickly swap to another lens in second – never missing the perfect photo or video opportunity! The sleek and stylish design gives the case a sophisticated appearance both with and without a lens attached.

Perfect for the everyday consumer who wants a convenient way to improve the photos/videos they take and have creative options that only lenses can provide.


ExoLens™ 2 in 1 Wide-Angle Lens and Macro Lens

The 165° Wide-Angle lens expands your phones frame by up to 35%, capturing more context and allowing images to reflect the way the human eye sees the world. Designed to drastically widen the amount of detail and light you can get into a single image it is ideal for landscape photography, video, low light situations and selfies.

The Macro x13 Lens allows you to get super close up images, ideal for capturing incredible detail on flowers, insects and everyday items.

Installing/Changing Lenses:

Line up the bayonet prongs on the lens with the openings in the camera hole on the case. Twist the lens to the right until you feel the lens lock securely into place. To use the Wide-Angle Lens, line up the threads with the Macro Lens and screw clockwise until the Wide-Angle Lens is attached securely. Please note: these lenses are not compatible with flash.

Kit Includes:
- ExoLens™ Case
- 2 in1 Wide-Angle/Macro x13 Lens
- Wristlet
- Lens Caps
- Lens Case

- Use the included lens caps to protect lenses when not in use
- To clean lenses use a microfibre cleaning cloth
- Avoid using pinch zoom on your device as this can compromise image quality