EMS Abs Muscle Stiumlator Workout Exercise Trainer Toner

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  • Tone, Strengthen and Tightens Abs
  • Flexible Design to Form Fit all Body Types
  • Designed for Abs
  • Proven Results in Only A Few Weeks
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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Trim-Up is a leading brand in EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) lifestyle products. With its form fitting design,Trim-Up is able to target and stimulate muscles that are usually rested during workouts, this helps to tone and form your muscles more effectively.The various Trim-Up packs have been made to mimic a work out by a professional in a gym. Its slim,lightweight and durable design ensures ease of use on the go.

Trim-Up EMS works by delivering electrical pulses that activate nerves in the body, causing muscles to contract and then relax. The body naturally uses electrical messages to tell muscles what do to. Therefore Trim-Up uses the bodies natural stimulation from the outside targeting specific muscles safely, making it as effective as a workout in a gym.

Whats In the Box

  1. Abs EMS Exerciser
  2. Abs Gel Pads
  3. Instruction Manual