DC Comics Dress Up Napkins - Gift



Save the day and your shirt with this brilliantly fun set of Dress Up Napkins. A set of dinner napkins featuring all your favourite comic book icons, tuck them into your collar to create a truly super dining experience.

The set contains 24 dinner serviettes, featuring 4 different character designs. With iconic superhero characters Superman and Wonder Woman, plus vigilante crime fighting duo Batman and Robin, there are 6 napkins of each hero, meaning everyone around the dining table can play their part in bravely facing down whatever villainous scheme is being cooked up in the kitchen.

The 2 ply paper napkins each have a breast plate portrait of one of the aforementioned superheroes, so once they've been securely tucked into a shirt or top, the diner immediately takes on the appearance of one of the most legendary comic book characters of all time.

Instantly recognisable and universally popular, the DC Comics superhero characters are some of the best known and most loved cultural icons in comic book history. With numerous films, books, TV series and games based around their exploits and adventures, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin are surely the most sought after dinner party guests around. A great, fun gift for get-togethers and parties.