Jawbone UP2 Sleep and Activity Fitness Wrist Tracker - Turquoise

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Doohickey-Hut offers wearables for excellent activity tracking as well it carries a slim and sleek profile. Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker is a beautifully and wisely engineered slimline health and fitness tracker with the smartest app for everyday wellness.

Slim, Sleek & Productive
Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker delivers the most accurate fitness tracking and carries a truly reinvented slimmer and sleeker look combined with urbanised style. Jawbone has practically engineered the UP2 fitness tracker and it carries an aesthetically designed profile. On the outside UP2 is the thinnest, sleekest, most style-savvy tracker out there. On the inside, Smart Coach generates fitness insights and activity plans that make reaching your goals that much easier. It delivers 10 days of battery life ensuring that users experience the freedom from charging the gadget repetitively and do more with the live fitness tracking.

Main Features:

  • It is equipped with a new lightweight design with hook clasp
  • It is fully capable of easily tracking the activities
  • Additionally, it works during the sleep as well, and record the sleep patterns as well
  • With the Smart Coach on board, it acts as an independent guide towards fitness and motivation

Activity Tracking
Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker offers all the kind of users the simplest way to get credit for steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. Users can modify their activity levels and keep themselves into an appropriate calories count as this fitness tracker keeps them well known and informed about the daily activity and the associated calories utilised.

Works All The Time
Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker ensures its productive monitoring all the times including when a person is sleeping. It features "sleep tracking" designed to supervise and track hours slept as well as the quality of sleep. Smart Coach ascertain and learns the individual habits and gives personalized suggestions to retire in bed on time. The "Smart Alarm" feature silently wakes the user up at the optimal moment in the custom sleep cycle while ensuring that user wakes with the fresh mind for a fresh start.

A Personal Healthcare Professional
Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker is not just an activity monitor but also keeps recording the food intake within a daily routine as well. With the food logging feature, users can log the meals and track calories in no time with the UP barcode scanner, restaurant menu search, and food database. Smart Coach helps as an independent guide towards healthy habits and gives each meal a "food score" so that users could select between the meal choices.

Smart Coach
Jawbone UP2 Activity Sleep Tracker is equipped with a "Smart Coach" capable of ensuring the motivation and personalized insights users need to reach the target goals, no matter where the working or slack day takes the users. Additionally, it gets smarter over time with the self-intuitive features of Smart Coach as it gets to know the users gradually.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Type - Activity tracker
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Tracking Data - Calories burned, activity, sleep activity, steps taken, food & drink logging
  • Features - Smart alarm
  • Material - Rubber, anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions - (WxDxH) Width 11.5mm x Length 220 mm
  • Weight - 25Grams