Box 51 Whale Buddy - Gift

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A cute new Whale Buddy to add a splash of character to your bathroom, shower room or bedroom. The charming Whale Buddy will help you to keep things tidy by storing away those little bathroom essentials. A small white whale with a rubberised soft-touch finish, this mini Moby Dick is just the thing to add a bit of character and humour without rocking the boat. A charming companion to look after the little things in your life, this is a great new accessory for your bathroom or bedroom. With a hole in the top, the Whale Buddy is ideal storage space for cotton buds.

A lovely gift or memento for someone close to you, or a perfect treat for yourself to help keep things ship shape, the Whale Buddy is great for animal lovers, sea enthusiasts, or just those with a fondness for nice things! Whales have always had an enduring appeal to old and young alike, and have also captured the imagination like no other creatures before thanks to classic works like Moby Dick and children's favourite Pinocchio, making this a fun, unique addition to any home. The Whale Buddy is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of small children.