20KG Adjustable Dumbbell/Barbell Set Weight Plates Home Gym

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When it comes to working out dumbbells and barbells play a major role in helping you get fit and stay in shape. That’s because they can be used for all types of muscle-building workouts that target your arms, shoulders, back, core, and so much more. But it’s not always easy or affordable to have an entire rack of dumbbells, especially if you don’t have the room or the money to build your own at-home gym. That is why we developed these Respire Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell/Barbell Sets that let you add or remove weight on the fly, so you can enjoy more progressive training, challenge different muscle groups, and choose from a range of unique exercises; all without a single set of dumbbells that adjust to fit your needs.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable Dumbbells/Barbells Weight Set
  • Build Strength and Lean Muscle
  • Textured, Slip-Resistant Handles
  • Quick Add and Remove Weight System
  • At-Home Training and Exercise Use
  • Ultra-Durable and Quiet Design

20kg Bundle Includes:

  • Four (4) 2kg Weight Plates
  • Four (4) 1.5kg Weight Plates
  • Four (4) 1.25kg Weight Plates
  • Four (4) Rotating Collars
  • Two (2) Dumbbell Bars
  • One (1) Barbell Bar